User Experience

Interactive prototypes
and usability testing.


iPhone, iPad, Android apps
and mobile sites.


Game dynamics
that drive behaviour

User Experience Design

We are highly skilled in creating interactive (clickable) User Interface prototypes, which allow you to test your product without a single line of code written. NitroLab also has a proven track record of testing user friendliness, auditing and redesigning existing products and sites for both mobile and web.
Concept > Interactive Prototype > Ready Product

Why should I pay for a UI prototype?

Because you simply cannot afford not to have one. You cannot afford the cost of designer misunderstanding, the cost of implementing things twice and, most importantly, you cannot afford the lost time.

Mobile Apps and Sites

We have started our mobile journey in 2007, so we know how to make great apps and rewarding sites.

Our extensive experience ranges from iPhone, iPad and Android native apps, to beautifully crafted HTML5 and CSS3 mobile sites.

We are currently focused on developing our own products, however we also take the most interesting projects into consideration. If you want to change the world and are looking for mobile revolutionists - contact us!

We love games

We start playing as kids and never stop. Games are a part of our commercial experience, but they are also extremely interesting for us from the social perspective.

Gamification uncovers rules that create great gameplay and how they could be used to drive human behavior in general. Marketing and education create the perfect battlefield for these theories. Knowing the rules makes it possible to boost receiver engagement, loyalty or message virality. This is important, but what makes it unique is that the experience we can create is no doubt a source of great fun for the players.

We know really well how to build statuses, achievements, epics or discovery mechanics into any mobile product. In fact it is hard for us to create one without all this stuff. Frankly speaking we don’t do such things anymore :)
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