About Us

Who we are?


We like to think of ourselves as technology enablers for market opportunities. We can see the product as a whole and take care of the idea from inception till monetization. Thanks to our deep experience in web and mobile fields, we can work either on the business, design or technology level. Think of the benefits it gives you! While we are most excited to build our own products, we still enjoy helping others grow their ideas. Seems we can do that pretty well…


It was 2007 when we have started working together on commercial projects, both for mobile and web. At that time there were just a few people here seeing the upcoming opportunities. It took some time for the market to grow up. It took some time for us to learn the business. It took some time for the technology to mature. Now, when all the pieces of jigsaw are put together, we are thrilled to put the last element – our creativity and passion to build solutions we can be proud of. No kidding… If we start working on the project, we put a piece of ourselves into it. Believe it or not but we cannot do otherwise.